Fall Online Bear Show

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let me introduce you to my newest creation, "Hovis " The Thread Master. He is made from faux fur, felt and needle felting.

He measures 12 inches approximately and he is jointed and could stand and sit comfortably.

He is softly stuffed with poly fiber.

I have created his features using a mixture of techniques including hand shading, needle felting, needle sculpting and scissoring to bring out his look.

Hovis The Thread Master is one of the characters in The Tale of Despereaux, he is the one who tied a red thread around Despereaux to get into the dungeons. He is blind but very sweet and caring with the tiny mouse. I create all my patterns even the designs for the outfits.

He is wearing a felt fabric robe and bonnet . As he is the Thread Master, he carries a bobbin of thread and skeleton key.His glass eyes have been painted by myself.


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